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overnight but it is getting weak. doug kammerer joins us live now from ocean city. >> hello, guys. i'll tell you what. a much weaker storm. the good news for us, its too much going on out here right now. the surf, obviously very angry and a lot of people coming out to watch how big the waves are. they have been huge during the afternoon. i have to tell you they've started to decrease. high tide was about 15 minutes ago. we're starting to see that ocean recede a little bit and become a little less angry. one thing the life guards want you to know, the beach is open. the water, however, is closed out there right now. that's why you don't see anybody out there. they're not even letting surfers out there. earl now a category 1 storm with winds at 85 miles an hour, making its way toward the north and east and well away from our area. let's show you what is happening and you can see it on the infrared satellite picture. still, a very strong storm. still a hurricane but once again, weakening down to a category 1. it will continue to make its way to the east. here's the radar.
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again, most of us today have been on the dry side. around the chesapeake bay, a little earlier, we saw some shower activity there. that is now all shifted down toward the shore. but the heaviest rain from earl has stayed offshore by about 10 to 15 miles. ocean city where i am here has only seen about a tenth of an inch of rain and a peak wind gust here of only 36 miles per hour. it has not been much of a storm at all. what will be happening over the next 48 hours? that storm will continue to make the way toward new england. cape cod under the gun next. they could see hurricane force winds there. as far as this storm goes, so far, not a whole lot of damage. we have definitely dodged a bullet. if you're thinking about coming here toward the beaches over the next couple days for the labor day holiday, the officials here say bring it on. come on out. it is going to be looking very, very nice over the next couple days and let's just show you how nice it will be. veronica johnson is inside now. the winds have dropped a little
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further. those are down to 80 miles an hour now. it continues to diminish the system as it moves up the coast. here's the latest track of the 153 miles just east and southeast of ocean city, maryland. still a category 1. those winds do not have to drop much more for it to become a tropical storm system. northeast at 18 miles per hour as the winds diminish even more, i think this system is going to pick up some forward speed. by early saturday morning, it should be just east of about the coastal areas of maine. so for spots like nantucket, cape cod, they still have the possibility of seeing some winds at 50 to 60 miles per hour. the possibility of more than two inches of rain. locally around here, another very warm day for us with temperatures running in the upper 80s to rate around 90 degrees. you folks in arlington and fairfax city at 88 degrees. 87 and leonardtown and annapolis at 82 degrees. for 9:00 and 11:00 this evening,
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just decreasing the cloud cover across the area. we're not going to be looking at any showers here. the temperatures will drop to the mid 60s. in the forecast, looking at overnight clearing. some breezy sunshine coming our way tomorrow. i think you're really going to like this labor day weekend. on top of the sunshine that we'll be getting, we are getting a pretty significant cooldown. we look at the temperatures in a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. as earl continues making its way up the east coast, the damage assessments continue in north carolina. overnight, the outer banks were hit by heavy winds and rain. >> and roads were flooded on the narrow island getaway. thousands were left in the dark. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more from kill devil hills. >> reporter: in the dark of night, earl split up the coast. its eye offshore. punishing winds and rain pounding the coast. the barrage continuing even as day broke but light revealed just how lucky the outer banks
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may have been. damage from the storm appears minimal so far. lost shingles and signs. the biggest problem for water. several feet in places stretching across low-lying roads. and the surf that turned and crashed into beaches for showers and hours. in fact, the high speeds may be earl's legacy as it heads north to a new england coastline that has spent the past day preparing. >> we'll ride out the event, responding to, in situations as they unfold. >> we're not sure if the storm will hit but it looks like it will come close so we figured we would be safe ratted than sorry and board up the windows. >> unsure of earl's exact track but now expert time is running out to get ready. >> 150 boats out there still on the water. any one of them gets loose, it go down the extreme. it could hit somebody else's before it gets to the beach. >> the storm moving quickly toward those northeast beach where residents now know, even if earl stays off the coast, it can still churn up trouble.
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so with waves still pounding the coastline, the damage assessments continue. crews are also working the restore power to about 5,000 customers who lost it during the storm. but overall, north carolina's governor says it looks like the state dodged a bullet. reminds that this may be a practice run with more hurricane season still ahead. nbc news, kill devil hills, north carolina. >> the storm moved from north carolina to virginia. some folks just had to stop and gaze at the massive waves. now the report from virginia beach. >> reporter: this morning at the virginia beach ocean front, earl was really churning up the surf. the rough seas meant no one was allowed in the water. the pier stretching out into the turbulent owing was holding up strong as ever. choppy it is a got, the pier never wavered. earl did provide a little excitement for sightseers who ventured out in the wind and
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rain to get a closer look. >> pretty awesome stuff. it really is. >> earl gave jim a break from remodeling homes today. the rock jetty at the beginning of the boardwalk was the spot he chose to come out and get a glimpse of the hurricane. how long have you lived here? >> since' 72. >> reporter: a long time. you've seen a lot of storms. >> yep. >> reporter: what about this one? what do you think? >> this is a baby. it ain't going to do much. >> reporter: it was about 8:30 this morning when we stopped by the inlet, that danger sign saying it all. we're standing here looking across the rudy inlet at the northern edge there. the owing certainly getting more churned up as the hours go on. there will be some beach erosion as you look out there but certainly, no danger to the houses. no damage there. >> it's beautiful. you can't describe it, really. i'm glad it really did not have the full impact.
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we would be in big trouble. >> reporter: a lot of people in virginia beach feeling pretty lucky that earl was so easy on them. >> if you're heading out of town on the bay bridge, pack your patience. you can avoid problems by traveling after 10:00 tonight. the best time tomorrow, before 7:00 in the morning. between 5:00 and 10:00 in the evening at night. sunday between 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning and after 10:00 p.m. >> let's get the latest on the travel around the washington region this afternoon. ashly in the news4 travel network. >> talking about the chesapeake bay bridge. we are starting off with some volume. you are going to hit the breaks in the eastbound direction from 450, really not that bad. as you can see here, you're doing just fine by the time you hit the sandy point toll plaza and then across the bridge with no big problems. 95 is a different story. this camera shot is a little misleading. it looks great. from 123 for the better portion of your trip solid, in toward
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fredericksburg, you're on the brake. route 1 is not a good alternative. we had an earlier major accident that shut it down in both directions at joplin road. that accident has been cleared. route 1 never recovered so stick with 95 with the delays or just save yourself the headache and wait to go out of town a little later in the evening. possibly the overnight hours as well. back to you. >> thanks. if you're planning to take metro this labor day weekend, you may want to head out early. five red line stations are going to be closed as metro undergoes one of the largest maintenance projects in its history. the glen moss, wheat orange silver spring and tacoma stations will all close for track work starting at 10:00 tonight. they will reopen on tuesday morning. metro will offer free shuttle service between the stations. for the first time since the hostage taking at discovery headquarters in downtown silver spring on wednesday, we're seeing what the eyewitnesses saw
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as those events unfolded. images are coming from people who look down from the nearby buildings. we are also learning more about the gunman, james lee, who stormed the building and took three hostages before police shot and killed him. elaine reyes reports. >> reporter: investigators want to know if james lee had a car and if there was anything in it. especially after they found more explosives inside a room he rented at a house in wheaton. he lived inside the home on kimberly drive near connecticut avenue. the s.w.a.t. team members evacuated neighbors during their search. then took away several boxes. police found four explosives inside his room and they successfully detonated all of them. neighbors have described lee as a quiet man who kept to himself. now take a look at this. this is an exclusive photo over what appears to be the hostages in the middle of all the action. it has taken high above the scene, looking down. police told those folks to lie
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down on the ground until everything was clear. the chief manger of montgomery county police says lee repeatedly told negotiators he was ready to die. federal authorities arrested him back in 2003 for human smuggling in california. he also served time after being arrested for protesting in front of the discovery channel headquarters in 2008. in the newsroom, elaine reyes, news4. >> we'll hear from some of the people near the discovery building who took the photos and witnessed the event. that will be coming up at 5:00. when news4 continues this afternoon, surfers are enjoying the waves generated by hurricane earl as it moves north. >> there was a brawl in the stands at the u.s. open. after a woman gets into a shouting match with a g. there you go.
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residents in north carolina's outer banks will likely be cleaning up after hurricane earl's mess this weekend. the storm left behind some damage as it moved through the coast overnight. there has been minor flooding in areas of cape hatteras and some home have been damaged. >> one guy in virginia beach is calling this a baby compared to what they've seen along the coast before.
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>> when you consider how much there was off the coast, how they really didn't get sustained hurricane force winds last night, they wound up really lucky with this system. we still have got weeks to go. >> really just revving up. >> just act i. earl does continue to weaken. i think that as it weakens, we will see it pick up some forward speed. just start increasing as it races to the northeast. i think by about midnight, two:00 a.m., it will be around cape cod. probably a tropical storm by 2:00 a.m. we're looking at a live view of cape may, new jersey. if you've ever been there, you know it is a great vacation spot. i'm being told this is montauk. we're switching between location from cape may to montauk. you can see the waves off new jersey's coast. it is about 11 feet right now.
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montauk, you're starting to increase there as well. about eight feet. still weakening. my colleague, doug kammerer, he is standing by in ocean city. there is our sky and we will talk more about the track of the system and what's happening with radar. >> got here about 12:30, 1:00, looking at the owing, it was amazing. the wave acthat you saw here. and right now still, a very angry sea. but much calmer right now than it was a little earlier. take a look at some of these waves. around ten feet. nobody out there on the water right now. that's because the beach patrol has shut down the beaches. you're allowed on the beach but you're not allowed in the ocean. the life guards are out. they're out in full forceful they'll be out during the day until 5:30 and then they'll have patrols overnight and then out tomorrow during the day as well. but all in all, this has not been much of a hurricane at all for this area. just a glancing blow.
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let take a look at the radar and show you what's happening. we do have some rain that's around the area. right now some rain into the parts of the eastern shore down through ocean city. some light shower activity. it is very, very light. let take to you a couple of our weather underground sites. and one of those toward kill devil hills. this is an area that did get hit particularly hard. not even hurricane force there. they did pick up a lot of rain. nearly four and a half inches of rain where ocean city, peak wind gusts of 36 miles an hour. very close to that. there's that kill devil hills number of 4.46 inches. wind gusts of 58 miles an hour. ocean city only picking up a tenth of an inch of rain. this has not been a big storm at all. it is continuing to make its way toward the north and east. we'll continue to watch it foefr next couple days. one thing they will me, i talked to a layoff guard captain a little earlier. he said just because the ocean may look a little bit better during the day tomorrow, they
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still may not let people in. the rip current threat will be very, very high during the day if you're thinking about coming down. if you think you'll have a perfect day as far as the ocean is concerned, you may want to think again. make sure you're swimming in front of the lifeguard. in ocean city, a lot of people actually enjoying this weather. no, it's not sunny but i'll tell you what. the power of mother nature is pretty cool to watch. >> i was remembering a couple days ago with danielle and all the rescues we saw with danielle. the rip currents along the coast. right now, temperature at 90 degrees. it feels like 93 when you factor in the moisture in the air. we'll be drying out. we start with the overnight. skies will be clearing. 76 by 11:00 p.m. then 69 degrees under clear skies at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. as we said on the radar, most of that rain activity is well off to our east and it is making its way norward. then we have showers, a lot of
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it falling apart. look at the wave heights off the coast of new jersey. they're ahead about 10 to 15 feet. right up to new jersey. they'll continue to increase and then we'll see things really start to subside early saturday. there's one system. again a big one. earl moving away. there is the cold front outside of west virginia. it will be coming through tonight. some cooler conditions, especially for early monday. temperature are dropping by some 10 to 15 degrees back behind the front compared to yesterday. detroit now at 74. chicago is 69 degrees. let's put it in motion for the next 48 hours. as the front come through, it will really take a lot of the cloud cover out of the area. clear skies to start the day. then we can pick up a few clouds during the afternoon. so sunny to mostly sunny. and really, no problems for the weekend. our winds will be at time a little gusty. we dropped from 85 to 78. then early tomorrow morning, we're clear. sunny and breezy.
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65 to 69. look at the high temperature, we could see gusts up to 30 miles per hour. so sunday we're fine. even monday we're fine labor day. big wow. the high temperature on labor day, 84 degrees. then we'll get a little bit of warmth back in here on tuesday, getting back up to 90 degrees. we'll look at the extended forecast in a few minutes. coming up, news4, looking for love. date lab is up next. >> plus a fight. ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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tennis fans got a little more than they expected in a match last night. witnesses said it began when a woman told the young man to stop using the "f" word. they said he challenged her to hit him if she had a problem with his language so she did. the cameras started rolling after allegedly hit her back. the two kept arguing and this guy, this is an old gentleman with the woman. he had enough. he and the younger guy began to scuffle. they fall down. took a tumble over some seats. other fans jump in. before security finally arrives
4:23 pm
breaking it up and escorting all three out of the stadium. >> from fighting to loving. we're talking loving this week with ellen from the "washington post." >> good to see you. >> this couple speaking of love is brought together by a stage and a couple of laughs. >> a stage and a couple laughs. yeah. this is our couple allison and chris. they are a comedy sort of duo of sorts. she is actually a part owner of the improv in downtown d.c., and he is a local comic and they first met in fact at a comedy competition, oddly enough. a friendship was sparked and it was a friendship for many, many years. and they both sort of went through break-ups with other people. and eventually ended up relying on one another a great deal to get through that.
4:24 pm
and then they sort of took the chance one day and had a kiss and it worked. and so they finally after the years of friendship, of course everyone in the group and the families were like, finally, you two, we've been waiting for this. he have one else saw it way before they did. >> about time. now let's check out the couple featured in the date lab. who did you set up? >> the guy we picked was tom. a 23-year-old financial consultant. he is really outgoing. he loves to go out. he enjoys the city. he'll talk to anyone. he is an irreverent guy. he doesn't take himself real seriously. he said he doesn't have a specific type he's looking for but he wanted someone who would have fun with him. he seem to like brunettes so bed in mind. we set him up with carey and she is somebody who likes to have fun. she told us that she likes to
4:25 pm
kind of like goofy guys. she said michael phelps was her type, the swimmer. they had great chemistry. they weren't sure if it was a friendship chemistry or a love chemistry. but it was good. >> love connection? >>. >> we're feeling the love may be. >> thank you so much. of course you can find out all about the date's details this sunday in the section. you can and get ideas on where to take your own date on our website. still to come on news4 at 4:00, the ocean is putting on a nice show in ocean city. we'll go back live there in a few minutes. plus, reporters brave the elements as hurricane earl brings heavy rain overnight to north carolina.
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welcome back. i'm wendy rieger. >> here's what's happening right now. major metro delays expected over the weekend. five red line stations will be closed as metro undergoes one of the largest maintenance projects in history. its history. the glen mont wheaton, forest
4:29 pm
glen, silver spring, they will all close tonight. the stations will reopen on tuesday morning. news4 has obtained eyewitnesses pictures of the stand-off yesterday. they were taken as events were unfoaling. we'll hear from some of those with a birds' eye view. >> the unemployment rate crept up to 9.6 last month. an increase of a tenth of a percent. however, private employers added more new jobs than expected. president obama says jobs are not being created fast enough with mid-term elections just two months away. republicans are arguing that the president's recovery plan is not working. >> and the better than expected jobs report is helping stocks tend week on the positive side. the dow jumps 128 points. the nasdaq jumped. hurricane earl is racing up
4:30 pm
the east coast today. now a weaker category 1 storm. that's down from the powerful category 4 hurricane that it was yesterday. >> but earl is still packing a powerful punch. 80-mile-per-hour winds. that's nothing to sneeze at. michelle franzen has more on what residents near cape cod in mass ma massachusetts are expecting. >> reporter: hurricane earl lashed the outer banks, the eye of the storm staying far offshore but close enough to bring driving wind and rain to the barrier islands. first is light did reveal flooding. still many are breathing a sigh of relief. >> i'm glad it didn't have the full impact. >> reporter: now as earl races northward, residents along the east coast are bracing. >> we are well prepared. the national guard has been deployed. >> reporter: officials are warning new englanders not to take this storm lightly. >> all the nor'easters, it gets
4:31 pm
exciting around here, this hurricane is something to take a lot more serious. >> reporter: many coastal residents are getting the message. >> better to be safe than sorry. >> we're boarding up. >> reporter: others may not be taking it seriously enough. surfers in long branch, new jersey, ignored the warnings as they took to the water. forecasters expect the hurricane to pass 50 to 100 miles southeast of nantucket. tropical storm force winds and hurricane gusts are speck to reach inland along the coast. as many watch and wait for the storm to pass and the labor day weekend to begin. >> a state of emergency remains in if he can for cape cod and portions of coastal massachusetts. about a half dozen red cross and salvation army shelters have been set up and activated in case people need to take cover. >> of course big waves and swells tracked surfers to the new jersey shore. some brave souls were lured into
4:32 pm
catching, trying to catch a perfect wave. high winds and expected rain forced the coast guard to us is fend search for a missing swimmer in bell march. the man went into the ocean with a group of people last night and he never came out. >> this was the scene when earl passed by nags head as a category 2 storm. it packed some powerful winds and driving rain but there was no major damage and there were no reports of injuries. some vacation islands on the outer banks did have a little flooding. north carolina's governor is now urging people to come back for the labor day weekend. >> powerful winds and rain pushed through. >> the reporter jim cantore was in the middle of it all on cape hatteras and here's his report from earlier today. >> reporter: good morning from hatteras ferry landing. we continue to get absolutely h hammered from earl. this thing continues to send in
4:33 pm
these strong bands which have been pretty consistenter in a tropical storm force winds. gusts, some of them reporting as high as 75 miles an hour. unofficially, and as the gusts have come, they haven't caused power outages. we have other some flashes but all in all it's doing pretty good. here's the deal. the sound is right here. this is the ferry you would take to ocracoke. that won't happen, obviously. the water from the sound is splashing up over into the parking lot, on to highway 12. and that's pretty much the case as you move. it's not even a mile from here where you find some of that water about knee deep on the road as a result of that. as you go up past hatteras up through rodanthe, that's where we're getting the oceanside flooding and the winds are out of the northeast there. so the northerly wind here brings the sound water in. >> we'll keep you posted. let's go back to the studio. >> does it take you back.
4:34 pm
>> all the days we stood out in the hurricane. >> yep. >> there's more to come on news4 at 4:00 this afternoon. the schmoke ed moking toddler's to cigarettes. >> and a fan favorite coming to town. yeah, that's him. mom, did you borrow my green shirt?
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hurricane earl is losing steam. >> let's check back in with our chief meteorologist doug kammerer in owing city. >> i'll tell you what. it's great out here. that storm is offshore at about 250 miles. it has now taken most of the clouds with it. the rain has stopped now as well. and take a look. we are starting to see a little sunshine out here as well. that wasn't the case a little earlier. the ocean has calmed down. take a look at the video we shot earlier. the ocean, very, very angry earlier, it was continuing to bring in these tremendous waves. one after another. battering the beaches. as a matter of fact, it came up so close down into portions of south ocean city around 14th, 15th street. there is a seawall there and the ocean made its way all the way up toward the seawall a little earlier during high tide. it was at 3:45. now the tide is starting to go down. take a look at the radar picture. you can see that storm continuing to make its way away from our region. that's very good news. we'll continue to see improving
4:38 pm
conditions and most of us around the d.c. area are seeing nothing but sunshine out there right now. that's the way we'll see things over the next couple hours as well. now as far as what's happening down toward the beach, and this is what you can expect over the next couple days. we are seeing a shower or two left. but most of them are now off the coast. tomorrow, if you're coming down, what do you expect? how about partly sunny skies? it will be rather breezy. winds out of the west northwest at 15 to 20 miles an hour. you can definitely speck to see some rough currents, rough surf and some rip currents. the water temperature around 74. still nice. and then on sunday, i think a great day. mostly sunny. 76 degrees. winds out of the west at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. so veronica, this is going to go down as a glancing blow for our area. just enough of a storm to give some people that are already down here a little bit of something to watch. >> a little bit of something to watchful thanks a lot. a little something for the early part of our holiday weekend. around here, we've been talking
4:39 pm
about getting some rainfall. because when you see the seven-day forecast, in just a minute here, you'll see that we don't have the rain coming our way. over the last 90 days, we're down rainfall. some 30 to 50% across the area. let's take a look at thing out there with temperatures in the 80s. close to 90 degrees. in fact, right in the district. foggy bottom, prince george's county, folks in landover, your temperature now at 86 degrees. then inside of fairfax there and around great falls, currently, 80 degrees. so a little bit of warmth for us today. a little bit of heat with some heat index values. it feels like out there running in the mid 90s. by later tonight, as the cold front comes through the area, we'll see the clouds move out of here. the winds may pick up a bit by midnight. then for tomorrow, it will be breezy. even the start today. 69 degrees. where the temperature will fall in town, outlying areas dropping to the mid 60s. and then your high tomorrow, 80
4:40 pm
degrees. d.c., 78 in warranton, 76 in winchester. with a little wind, it will feel like late september for sunday. 79, the high. sunshine throughout the area. then 84 degrees on monday. lots of sunshine, too. it is only tuesday where quo get to 90 degrees. winds with highs in the low 90s. no chance of any rain coming our way for a while. and we'll skip through this satellite loop here. we'll show you a wide view of the tropics. a lot of folks are saying what happened to fiona? what's going to with gaston? earl is at the top of the screen there. fiona, a lot of dry air that's hitting it and it is approaching the leeward islands. so it is gaston that we have to watch. it could be getting its act together over the next couple days and possibly move toward the caribbean. >> when news4 at 4:00 continues,
4:41 pm
justin bieber fever rises in maryland. and remember the smoking toddler? we have an update as he tries to kick the habit. can companies legally intimidate consumers for filing complaints? that's the question. the answer is coming up on "ask liz."
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4:43 pm
so remember this whacky 2-year-old in indonesia who was smoking two packs of cigarettes
4:44 pm
a day? his parents said he threw tantrums when he was denied cigarettes. there are now reports he quit. indonesian authorities intervened after internet video of the smoking toddler surfaced in may and created a sensation. the parents agreed to admit him to a rehab center. the boy's mother is also receiving some counseling on how to parent better. psychologists say once the boy was removed from his environment and offered a wide range of more child appropriate and friendly activities such as playing and drawing, he stopped asking for cigarettes. can companies legally harass people for filing complaints? is alcohol a common ingredients in cookies and what does the "washington post" do with newspaper when you go out of town? and time to ask liz all of your pressing questions.
4:45 pm
>> our first question come from a viewer who filed a complaint with the county against a business and is now being accused of slander by the business. she wants to know if company can legally intimidate consumers for filing complaints against them and if that happens often. >> i like this question because i had no idea. we although company can legally file a lawsuit, he said he is not aware of merchants successfully suing consumers for exercising their rights to file complaints. as long as everything is factual, the case won't have merit, he says. truth is always a complete defense. he said his office would contact merchants who are making such threats as they could have a chilling effect on the consumers. they can do it but don't worry too much is what he was saying. >> next question. from suzanne in lexington, maryland. she found alcohol listed as an ingredient on her cher moon
4:46 pm
farms package and she wants to know why that's in there. >> we did contact cherry moon farms for the answer. it says the alcohol come from the vanilla extract which is a common ingreed glent cookie recipes, even though alcohol is listed as an ingredient, it evaporates when the cookie is baked in the oven. but if the thought of alcohol make you uneasy, you can try alcohol-free imitation vanilla extract, or vanilla powder in your own baking. >> i didn't know they made that. next question from scott. scott says the "washington post" gives them option of donating his papers to education when he goes out of town so he wants to know, which school are getting the paper. >> who gets his paper. we did check with the "washington post" to get your answer. it says your donated newspapers are distributed to any school in virginia, maryland or d.c. that requests them. these donations are made through the newspapers in education
4:47 pm
program and that program continues year round, even during the summer months. so they did get donated. if you have a question you want us to consider for ask liz, send in it and you can use this e-mail addre to contact us about any story ideas. coming up, why is so much am juice imported from china? does homeowner insurance cover flooding if it is a water main break that floods? and who names those hurricanes? we'll tell you at 5:00. see you then. wendy? >> still ahead, the real story behind paris hilton's purse problems and a mother revives her newborn son after doctors declare him dead. tonight at 5:00, still no arrest in a cold case. what the victim's wife wants you to know about her husband's unsolved murder. and blame the bieber. the animals are causing some big problems at a local park. what are officials going to do to handle this situation? dentures are softer than teeth.
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it may not be weighing heavily on your mind but we now know why paris hilton had to change her story about the las vegas arrest last week. in july she tweeted about having a great new channel bag. she wrote i love my new purse. fast forward to the arrest, police said she told them the bag with the cocaine in it
4:51 pm
wasn't hers. but tmz has obtain a picture of her on the night of the arrest with the picture of the purse that looks like that channel bag she loves. she said she thought the cocaine was gum. maryland will be catching bieber fever this weekend. the teenage pop star will be performing at the maryland state fair in timonium. they are extending lightrail hours. the trains will operate every 15 minutes between 7:00 and 11:00. that concert is completely sold out. sorry. what are you going to do? still ahead -- neat miracle baby who was revived by his mother after the doctor said he died.
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4:54 pm
a woman in washington state says an unexpect purchase may have saved her from going blind after someone threw acid on her face. she was walking in downtown vancouver when a woman suddenly threw acid on her.
4:55 pm
the 28-year-old said it was the most pav most painful thing she had ever experience bud doctors said she would have gone blind if she had not been wearing the sunglasses. >> i don't normally wear sunglasses. it is a miracle. 20 minutes before, you know, all of a sudden to go, oh, i want to buy glasses. that's like, that's jesus for sure. >> investigators say this case appears to be completely random. a few months ago, an australian woman gave birth prematurely to twins. doctors told her and her husband that one of the twins died. they gave they are baby though, so the couple could say goodbye. however, as nbc's reporter explains, what happened next was nothing short of a medical miracle. >> reporter: the birth of a baby. one of life's happiest moments. but for kate and david, their
4:56 pm
relation came to a screeching halt after one of their twins, baby jamesy, born premature at 27 week, was pronounced clinically dead. doctors told her -- >> that jamie didn't make it. we've lost him. >> reporter: the nurse handed the baby's limp body to his parents to say goodbye. but instead, the mother talked to her newborn when she could have been mourning him. this footage taken by her midwife. jamie lay on his mother skin to skin for two hours. she cuddled him and stroked him and said, your twin sister emily is fine. >> he started gasping. like oh, may god. what's going on? >> reporter: she said the doctors told her not to get her hopes up. it is just a reflex. he cannot be alive. >> then a short time later, he open his eyes. >> reporter: she put breast milk on her finger, held it at his lips and he started sucking.
4:57 pm
her doctors were in shock. >> he just kept shaking his head. i don't believe it, i don't believe it. >> reporter: a medical miracle. jamie came back to life before their eyes. >> 8 very strong wife who instinctively did what she. did if she hadn't done, that i believe he wouldn't be here. it is inspiring. >> reporter: magic in a mother's touch. >> isn't it interesting that the mother's warmth, the effort that she had up to that period of time was passing through to the child. that's pretty amazing. >> reporter: jamie and his win the sister emily are now 5 months old and happily living at their home in sydney, australia. >> we were lucky. very fortunate. the luckiest people in the world. >> that was amy robach reporting. that's news4 at 4:00.
4:58 pm
news4 at 5:00 starts right now. hurricane earl blasts past north carolina's outer banks. flooding the vacation island but not causing much damage. the category 1 storm losing steam as it moves up the coast. the big threat, rough surf as tourists head to the beach for this long holiday weekend. good afternoon. welcome to news4 at 5:00. >> i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly tonight. hurricane earl is weakening but remains a category 1 storm as it heads for new england. in north carolina, damage was minimal and mostly involved flooded roadways. several thousand people lost power but there have been no reported injuries. earl is expect to pass within 50 to 100 miles southeast of nantucket tonight bringing with it tropical storm force winds. so what can we expect from earl? >> our meteorologist doug
4:59 pm
kammerer has been in ocean city all day. how is it looking? >> reporter: absolutely beautiful. it is gorgeous out here right now. the sun is out. and i'll tell you what. a lot of people out here enjoying it. take a look. that hurricane that we've been talking about over the last couple days, that hurricane is just offshore now at about 200 to 250 miles. it has taken the rain associated with it. we are seeing some sunshine. let take a look and show you what's happening on the radar screen. and first off, the infrared satellite picture showing the storm still backing a pretty good punch making its way north and east. now away from our area and toward cape cod. they are next on the agenda for earl. what will we be seeing? the good news is the rain is now gone. it has moved out of the area. we had some rain earlier here. when i arrived around 12:30, 1:00, it was windy. the rain was coming down. and really, it did feel like we were in some kind of a tropical depression. maybe a tropical storm. but

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